Dr. Lledó:
Specialist in reconstructive urology

Suffering from a complex urological problem or previous unsuccessful operations affects the patient's health, quality of life and emotions. Dr. Lledó, who specializes in complex cases of reconstructive urology, understands how important it is to offer each patient not only a personalized treatment, but also an adequate and trustworthy personal attention.

Each patient has specific concerns, doubts and needs, and knowing them well helps to make better medical decisions.

Extensive experience: more than 500 procedures performed

Dr. Enrique Lledó, a specialist in reconstructive urology at Lyx Instituto de Urología, has more than 20 years of experience in hundreds of urogenital operations and treatments, which allows him to approach the most complex cases with a very high technical level.

His experience and knowledge has allowed him to technically train dozens of residents and visiting urologists from other national centers, as well as to teach urologists from various countries around the world.

Complex cases and second opinions

Dr. Lledó offers diagnosis and solutions oriented to achieve the treatment of urethral and penile problems of high complexity and with previous surgeries.

As a specialist in reconstructive urology and with extensive experience in complex cases and second opinions, he approaches each case from a comprehensive and personalized approach, adapting to the needs of each patient.

Treatments from an interdisciplinary approach

Dr. Lledó's team at Lyx Urology is formed by specialists from different areas, being able to offer a comprehensive treatment. It is essential to perform a proper diagnostic process approached from all points of view, including vascular, hormonal and psychosexual aspects.

Designing a treatment plan that not only addresses medical conditions, but also promotes a better quality of life in both physical and emotional aspects, allows for excellent results and greater patient satisfaction.

Full dedication to each case

An individual and personalized treatment is essential to achieve the desired results. Therefore, Dr. Lledó, together with his team at Lyx Urology, is committed to the patient not only in the performance of the intervention, but also in counseling, pre and postoperative information, follow-up and ongoing care.

All options are proposed after an extensive and thorough diagnostic study, informing the patient and listening to their expectations, in order to inform them in an honest, realistic and professional way about what can be expected from each of the treatments.

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Specialist in treating complex cases of reconstructive urology.