Uro-aesthetic aspects

The surgical treatment associated with some sexual disorders in the male implies not only the solution of the functional problem but also a satisfactory final aesthetic result.

The adequate and extensive information to the patient about the real expectations of each of the treatments, their possible benefits and side effects or complications is essential.

  • Surgery of the penis curvature (Peyronie’s Disease), with new techniques that combine the reduction of the curvature without producing shortening the penis as a side effect, requires extensive experience and meticulous technique. The use of autologous and biocompatible grafts and substances allows obtaining optimal and contrasted results.
  • The implant of penile prosthesis, both malleable and multicomponent, requires a deep anatomical and technical knowledge. The approaches both through the peno-scrotal and infrapubic route must be performed with a perfect functional and aesthetic result, informing the patient exhaustively before surgery of possible expectations and performing a thorough postoperative follow-up. with Any problem or doubt that the patient presents is addressed quickly for its orientation and solution.
  • Our team acquires a commitment with the patient not only in terms of the realization of the intervention, but also to counseling, pre and postoperative information and follow-up and attention 24 * 7.
  • More than 500 procedures of any complexity (first implants, redo cases, peno-escrotal and infrapubic approach, maleable and three component devices) performed by Dr. Enrique Lledó, who has trained residents, national visiting urologist at his centre  and proctored other professionals around Europe and the Middle East performing high complexity cases constitutes an outstanding possibility for patients.
  •  The subsidiary cases of thickening and / or penile lengthening are approached from a urological and aesthetic perspective, which allows us to agree with the patient on the treatment, resolve all his doubts, report on the true expectations and proceed to the intervention after an adequate process of joint decision

The long and extensive experience in hundreds of operations of the members of our surgical team allows us to deal with cases of high complexity with a high technical level and really good results.