Psychosexual therapy

The sexual therapy encompasses a combination of techniques based on three pillars: research on human sexual response and behaviours; general psychology principals, and a deep understanding of relationship dynamics. The aim of this therapy is to provide effective treatment to people who seek consult due to alterations in their sexual interest, response or satisfaction.

The first phase comprises an initial consultation intended to fully comprehend the purpose of the treatment, a review of the person’s relationship history and diferencial psychological diagnostic. This communication and collaboration will enable the medical team to best identify relevant factors in each case, tailor their approach and then provide a first outline of the possible causes for the sexual disfunction.

The second phase of the treatment consists of a highly validated behavioural program. The detailed instructions focus on giving the patient a structured approach to gradually rebuild sexual relations. Each step of the therapy applies a specific technique targeted towards identifying and solving individual problems. After each session the therapist will facilitate an individual or couple´s feedback debrief as to the progress or challenges experienced. The psychologist may change the focus of the therapy in due course to best fit each individual´s problems and progress.

Finally the therapy will reach a follow up and completion phase. Results from this type of sexual therapy can be observed from early on. Patients experience a decrease in anxiety associated with sexual relationships, which translates to an improved sexual response. Nevertheless it is common to experience fluctuations in progress during the treatment. Once progress and results are consolidated the frequency of sessions diminishes progressively to ensure results are reinforced until the final discharge