Erectile dysfunction is, in many cases, the most evident aspect of a sexual disorder that can have imbrications in the cardiovascular, endocrinological and psychosexual plane.

The approach exclusively to the problem of penile rigidity leave aside, on multiple occasions, some aspects that maintain the disorder, treating only the symptom, without addressing the etiology of the problem. Additionally sexual dysfunction often produces anxiety and impaired quality of life in the patient, which may influence response to treatment.

It is essential to carry out an adequate diagnostic process, approached from all points of view, including medical, vascular, hormonal and psychosexual. This scheme, made by professionals with extensive experience, allows obtaining the best results and the greatest satisfaction on the part of the patient.

All the urological treatments for sexual dysfunction: pharmacological treatment with medications for the erection, both oral and topical and intraurethral, ​​the intracavernosal injections, as the implant of penile prosthesis are options that should be raised after an extensive and deep diagnostic study, information to the patient and his partner, listening their expectations and informing them about what we can expect from each of the treatments.


It is a journey made by the patient joining the Therapeutic Team, with a single destination: patient satisfaction and the improvement of their quality of life.

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