June 19th 2019 – Live Surgery: Explant of non-functioning prosthesis and implant of a new prosthesis

Procedure Steps:

  • Peno-scrotal approach with resection of the pump along with the pseudocapsule, cylinders. Complete reservoir retrieval is accomplished through a subcapsular approach in order to avoid any injury to major vessels or other structures
  • Exhaustive wash-out procedure: triple solution (povidone-H2O2-antibiotics) is completed. The procedure is repeated 2 times
  • All surgical instruments, cloths and operation clothing, and gloves are replaced.
  • Implantation of a new 3 component inhibizone coated device
  • Drainage and bladder catheter

Learning Points:

  • Low-grade infection (After 6 weeks, no sepsis signs, no purulent drainage) in a non-functioning device makes it possible to consider a rescue procedure. Strong intravenous antibiotics together with a complete resection of the prosthesis components, and exhaustive wash-out of the operating field to eliminate the biofilm component are mandatory. Implantation of a new inhibizone-coated PP in this scenario is technically feasible with good results.

Clinical Case:

  • Age: 49
  • Gender: male
  • Weight 73
  • Height 1.70
  • BMI 20

Clinical History:

  • 15 years ago the patient suffered a penile trauma with broken corpus cavernosum and secondary erectile dysfunction
  • 5 years later, due to a mechanical problem, the device was replaced by another 3-component IPP
  • After 10 years of normal functioning, the prosthesis had some mechanical problems and malfunctioned
  • Additionally, a spontaneous liquid secretion appeared in the penoscrotal junction through a small orifice, with no concomitant septic symptoms
  • The patient was regarded as having a low-grade infection in a non-functioning device. After been evaluated and discussing options, it was decided that a surgery to extract the device and replace it with an new inhibizone 3-component penile prosthesis was the best option

On June 19that 3pm (Madrid Time), AIS Channel will broadcast this procedure performed by Dr Enrique LLedó (Spain) and his team from Hospital Gregorio Marañón (Spain).

They will show all the steps and tricks!

Join us and participate in this amazing live event which will be followed all over the world!

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