Dr.Lledó leads Camadeva Project

Camadeva.com, new web page to help men to reach well-being 

More than 50% of men have difficulty achieving sexual well-being at some point in their life. Led by Dr. Enrique Lledó and Dr. Lourdes Parajón (Psychologist), this project aims to improve the sexual health of men and their partners, detecting the factors that cause the problem and offering personalized interdisciplinary help to solve it.

Diabetes, hypertension, smoking, lack of exercise … but also depression, anxiety, fear of disease, some treatments, stress … There are many factors that, today, can condition changes in sexual desire and erection.

Camadeva.com was born as a Therapeutic program supported by an innovative web portal and a team with wide and proven experience, to face the challenge of male sexual well-being and its alterations. It develops a 360º vision that allows detecting exactly what each person and their circumstances need, and thus offer personalized help.

Camadeva.com offers extensive and reliable information on male sexual health from various perspectives, also testimonials from people and their partners who have already overcome their obstacles, news of interest in the field of male sexuality, a free self-evaluation of sexual well-being and the possibility to ask for consultation with the Therapeutic Team.

Male Sexual Well-Being Pyramid

One of the services that Camadeva.com makes available to those men with some type of sexual dysfunction is the so-called “Pyramid of Male Sexual Well-being” that provides information and practical advice on the most important factors that influence sexual health.

The pyramid reveals the importance of attending to and changing, in the first place, some basic habits or living conditions (located at the base of the pyramid) to improve sexual well-being.

It is a very useful practical guide, considering that sexual well-being arises from the interaction of several factors that do not affect everyone in the same way, or at the same time.

Free self-diagnosis: Camadeva Challenge

In order to help improve sexual life, the Web proposes the “Camadeva Challenge”, a free self-assessment game to detect the nature of the problem.

Through a two-minute questionnaire, based on the renowned “Sexual Health Questionnaire for Men”, it is possible to sexual health and build a route to well-being. Thus, through a completely anonymous process that does not require entering any personal data, the platform detects the possible obstacles that are in its way, offers valuable recommendations and a first initial help to overcome them.

Once the “Camadeva Challenge” is finished, if desired, the interested person can save the result of the game and consult with Dr. Lledó and Dr. Parajón who will study their case, individually assess their needs and offer the best treatment for the problem. This process is ideally carried out in person in person. However, taking into account the possible limitation of travel, the possibility of teleconsultation is offered on a videoconference platform, if the patient prefers it, with all the guarantees of security and confidentiality.

Interdisciplinary team

Camadeva makes available to patients a team of world-class experts and more than 20 years of experience in the field of male sexual dysfunction.

Headed by Dr. Enrique Lledó, medical specialist in Urology and Andrology and Doctor in Medicine and Surgery, in collaboration with Dr. Lourdes Parajón, Psychologist specializing in Sexology and Dr. Mª Ángeles Vélez, medical specialist in Endocrinology and Nutrition.

The composition of the team allows the comprehensive approach to any problem related to sexuality by evaluating the different concurrent aspects, achieving a highly efficient clinical intervention.

Individualized Therapeutic Program

The objective of Camadeva’s therapeutic program for male sexual dysfunction is to evaluate and treat each case in a personalized way. Each patient has their specific needs, their causes and maintenance factors of the problem and their particular environmental, work and psychosocial circumstances.

The aim is to carry out an interdisciplinary approach that allows the detection and evaluation of all the aspects that occur in that patient and that generate the problem.

This approach allows the development of an individualized therapeutic plan, taking into account both organic and functional or psycho-sexual factors that make up the primary and / or secondary causes of the state of sexual health.

By providing exclusive dedication to each case, the results are very positive, with a high percentage of therapeutic successes and patient and partner satisfaction. All this process is carried out in a quiet and discreet environment, which allows an interaction pleasant and serene, essential in the approach to sexual health.

Camadeva offers real personalized solutions to male sexual dysfunction problems.